1. manzellecycy


    Modèle reproduit à partir d'une photo de la poppy de kerrie slade..... Je l'ai refaite sans schéma
  2. EspritdAigle

    Parure Bouclier Amerindien

    I've made a set based on a Native American Shield design - I'm not sure where it belongs, as I'm also including some of the charts I made for it. I think that the little feathers are easy enough to chart. Perhaps this kind of piece is less popular now - but, hey - enjoy, anyway :hihi:
  3. Gerlinde Lenz

    Serti V, V-bezel

    Serti V, V-bezel (neither Peyote nor brick stitch!): Another image is at Tried in 11/0 treasures with 15/0 rocailles. Works fine for 14mm (21 or 22 rows), 16mm (23 rows) and for 20 mm (29 rows) rivolis. The first...