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Hello, you are entering the 'Histoire de perles' ('Story of pearls') forum, so it is important that you read the rules that are in force.

Starting from your registration, you will see only one category appear, the 'welcome' one, that contains the rules, the messages from the administrators and the 'introductions', where you are cordially invited to introduce yourself.

We recommend that you read the following rules:

The Forum Rules

1. Our aim is to make this forum a space of conviviality, mutual help and relaxation, therefore please respect our initial objectives.

2. It is essential that you provide us with a valid email address, otherwise your account will never be validated.

3. Be careful not to sign up with different usernames; if this happens (because you forgot your password or other access information), please report it to an administrator, who will combine your multiple accounts.

4. Your messages are immediately published in the forum (except those subject to the control of the administrators: in this case, this is indicated under the heading of the specific section).

5. In case of messages that could harm the quality and reputation of the forum, the moderators or administrators are authorized to delete them or move them in order to moderate them. In this case, you will be notified by email or private message.

6. We will also delete any messages showing disrespect towards one of the members of this forum.

7. Only the images of your personal jewellery, your personal patterns and under your complete responsibility can be published in the forum (photos and patterns that do not belong to you can be published only upon agreement with the author).

8. We remind you that it is forbidden to sell, either in a shop or on ebay, the patterns published in the forum or jewellery making kits containing the patterns published in the forum, which belong to their authors who own their intellectual property. These patterns cannot therefore be disseminated, reproduced, explained, or destined for any other use except for private use without the prior written authorization of the authors.

9. Merchants (sites selling beading materials) are not allowed to advertise wildly on the forum or add a link to their site in their signature if they are not 'partners' - to become a partner, please contact us.

10. If you wish to post in the 'schémas' (patterns) section, your post will be immediately submitted to validation by the staff, who will take care that your post respects the copyrighted patterns belonging to the HDPS forum.

11. Any exchange of patterns from books, other sites or forums, or for a fee is formally prohibited, both in the forum and through messages and this out of respect for copyright! This also applies to full or partial reproductions of such patterns.

12. Requests and proposals to send patterns via email or private messages are not authorized. They will be immediately deleted by moderators.

13. Please, make sure that your images are published in a correct format (neither too big nor too small - a maximum width of 650 pixels is recommended), this will save the moderators a lot of work. The latter grant themselves the right to delete images in case of repeated occurrences.

14. It is important that you 'participate' in the forum. Your messages of encouragement bring it to life.

15. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact the staff members.

Reminder: direct linking is prohibited on the net!

What is direct linking?
It is the fact of taking an image directly from a site by detecting the url.

As you may know, each site benefits from limited space. Each click on an image uses the site's bandwidth. If you copy the url of an image to reproduce it in the forum, its bandwidth is also used, which is then deducted from the package granted to the site. Excess bandwidth generates costs for webmasters, who have to pay surcharges, otherwise their sites would be closed (this is the case of several image, GIFS, dolls sites for example).

To avoid this, it is easy, after checking that the image you want is not protected by copyright, to copy it to your hard drive and upload it to before publishing it in the forum.


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Thank you for taking the time to read these rules.
La discussion n'est pas ouverte à d'autres réponses